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Chips and dice

As part of his current art exhibition, Chinese artist, Liu Jianhua, built a replica of the Shanghai Skyline using nothing but poker chips and dice. Head over to the Italian art gallery to see the rest of his exhibition, Dreams in Conflict.


Tirana Rocks

The city of Tirana in Albania will be getting a new architectural look with this year’s MVRDV design winner. The competition called upon an urban masterplan to create a livable urban neighborhood, complete with park and public facilities, right off the shore of Tirana Lake, Albania. The winning design, entitled Tirana Rocks, will look like collapsing buildings, toppled over onto one another and create a pretty dramatic urban skyline when built.
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Tirana Rocks 1


Tirana Rocks 3_

Why not?

One Australian inventor took to finding a practical solution to saving and reusing water – it wasn’t the most obvious solution, but it was the most simple: move it from one place to another. The Hughie Sink does just that – built like a bucket, but able to fit to the contours of the sink, once you’re done doing whatever just lift the handles and empty out the contents to wherever water is needed – plants, animals, fires, etc..



Back to basics

This is apparently as close as it’s going to get to running barefoot. Newton, a newcomer to the sneaker world that preaches that body mechanics are best served when it behaves as closely to its primal state as possible – hence a running shoe that enables you to run as if you were barefoot. While it’s an interesting idea and a clever name for a shoe company that’s all about the evolution of movement, what really caught my eye was the packaging. While I can’t seem to find it on the actual site (just the other blog I found the story), it reminds me of how retail companies are changing the way they approach shipping and packaging material use for the good of the earth – remember this post? Sweet.

Newton Motion AW

Newton Packaging

New graffiti

Check out these new pieces of guerrilla graffiti tactics on this subway ad in Berlin. The street artist printed out giant replicas of Photoshop’s tool bar and pasted them onto this billboard – it attempts to expose how these false depictions of women are heavily edited. Couldn’t have picked a better billboard if you ask me…



Obama logo design

Creative director Sol Sender tells the story of the Obama ’08 logo from conception to birth, including the strategy behind it, developmental concepts and finalist designs for the identity not chosen by the campaign.