road signs hacked

The geniuses over at have an awesome tutorial on how to hack into digital road signs.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to drive past one again without a serious urge to pull over and have some fun.



Obama logo design

Creative director Sol Sender tells the story of the Obama ’08 logo from conception to birth, including the strategy behind it, developmental concepts and finalist designs for the identity not chosen by the campaign.


Responsible for the worldwide urban space invader effort and one of my favorite street artists, Invader takes a few minutes to explain his new Binary Code street art.  This new media utilizes hi-tech Binary Code technology combined with his trademark lo-tech ceramic tile work as seen in urban centers all around the world.  Now, with a simple IPhone Application called I-Matrix (now known as BeeTag) you can translate the hidden meanings behind his street-art.



cartoon violence

jCauty&Son are holding a “splatter exhibition” at The Aquarium in London (whatever that means).  The multi-media art show focuses on “the plausible impossibility of death in the mind of cartoon characters”.  Uh huh.  All I know is that Looney Tunes + Death = AWESOME.

art show / movie promotion

I came across an article about an art show opening in Hollywood which features an artist who paints on canvases only an inch across in size (as seen above).  I thought that was particularly interesting since Charlie Kaufman’s next movie (Synecdoche, New York) features a very similar character.  So I looked into it…

The supposed “Berlin artist, Adele Lack” is actually the name of Catherine Keener’s character as listed on (as seen below).  None of the websites or blogs I found on the topic made this connection to the film.  They think it’s a legitimate show!

Apparently the event is just a viral attempt to promote the movie, which is premiering at the end of the month. Pretty clever if you ask me.  Here is how the event is being billed on several art blogs and websites:

The show entitled “Small Miracles: The Paintings of Adele Lack”  earns its title due to the extremely small size and the astonishing precision/detailing of Lack’s paintings.  The only way to admire them is with the aid of a magnifying glass, as the naked eye cannot take in the full extent of their beauty. Magnifying glasses will be provided so that all 27 paintings on display can be viewed. There will be a public viewing of her work beginning on October 22nd and ending on October 26th at the The Montalbán Gallery in Hollywood.