Urban Camo

Simply amazing. Disruptive. Awesome. Hit up the link for more examples and other videos here.

Urban Camouflage deals with the question how to camouflage
oneself and one’s identity in the urban space. Our costumes are
inspired by the «ghillie suits», the military camouflage suit. It was
an adventure to wear the suit in the stores because of the conflicts
with the employees, the reaction of the customers and also to see
the pretty well camouflage effect in a real situation.



  1. matt · March 5, 2009

    haha, reminds me of those Japanese outfits seen a few years ago…except way less practical:


  2. Dennis · March 8, 2009

    This is fascinating Ollie. Have you happened to see this before? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBPG_OBgTWg
    Remarkable how the brain works…and doesn’t.

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