Graffiti with a Soul

What I really like about Paris-born artist C215 is that he takes the time to interact with the communities he visits, whether in India or Brazil, as you can see in the above video. It’s interesting to see how he uses the identities of locals to elevate his art into a more meaningful (dare I say spiritual) territory. On top of that, his style is simply pure badass. If you visit C215’s recent stencil work on flickr, you can see for yourself how he’ll sometimes frame the stencils of the denizens he meets along the way to be given to them as gifts once finished…

I did that portrait for an amazing little shy girl I met in a small and smelling piss street of Karol Bagh where live only very poor people. I had to wait for her there the last day to provide her the stencil, just before going back to paris. But she was in school and I really waited the maximum to meet her again and provide her the framed portrait. I was feeling really sad thinking i would not see her again before leaving but fortunately she was back home just in time to get it…


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