subculture 101: unboxing videos

User generated product unboxing videos is the online phenomenon that is almost just as important as the product launch itself. The idea is simple: did you manage to be among the first to snag an iPhone 3G? You should share your exploits by uploading and sharing a video of you carefully unwrapping your prized possession for the first time for all other envious (and jealous) people to see.

Unboxing videos have become a staple for large scale product launches. If there’s a major product about to be launched and if some reviewer or critic manages to get their grubby paws on one, you can be sure to expect an unboxing video hitting the youtubes.

Try it for yourself! Just Google or Youtube, “unboxing video,” and you’ll see the thousands of results. Visit the WiWiA blog for the latest unboxing production: the Nikon D700.

The Nikon D700 Unboxed from Jon Read on Vimeo.


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