Video gaming. You should know a thing or two (or even three) about video games. We’re talking new media here people. You! Advertising person! Can you name 3 video games that are changing the digital gaming landscape? Guitar Hero doesn’t count. Now think of all the ways you could leverage those games to connect with consumers in a whole new way.

If you’re stuck, I highly recommend reading up on the current of current news… straight from the source: E3 aka: Electronic Entertainment Expo. The massive convention attracts international journalists, bloggers, techies, geeks, dorks, ad people, me, and your kids to take a sneak peak at what’s on its way to a console near you.

Read up on it on the interweb’s two best (and best written) video game blogs:



One comment

  1. chris miller · July 15, 2008

    Have been to E3 twice, it’s very very cool. Especially as gaming and advertising, hey advergaming converge

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