true to the name

Nudie Jeans. They’re awesome. If you can afford the $200 price tag, you’re golden. What makes them so amazing? The jean material morphs to your body, forming a second skin, as if you’re not wearing anything other than own your skin, hence Nudie. The manufacturer actually discourages you to not wash your jeans for as long as you can, since water, heat, and soap tend to put the material back the way it used to be. Still don’t get it? Visit the site to learn more (from a purely interactive media based standpoint, you should visit the website, it’s amazing).

A.P.C on the other hand is not about wearing jeans as a second skin or not washing them ever. Their newly released line, the Butler Worn Out Series approaches the perfect fitting jeans in a different way. Instead of using different stone-washes and sandpapers to get that perfect distressed look, these jeans are worn by real people before point of purchase. That’s right, some guy or girl wears each and every jean before it’s sold in order to get that perfect wear and tear. For an added bonus, you get the name of the previous owner stitched on the inside label.

A.P.C Butler Worn Out Series


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