sub culture 101: steampunk

Steampunk is the term used to describe the fascination with technology from the 19th century which often used copper and brass materials. Moving objects usually ran off of steam, hence, “Steampunk.” You can think of Steampunk as the historical older sibling of Cyberpunk. The fascination extends from the pages of novels from H.G Wells and Jules Verne with a modern day twist. The best example for those that are still clueless is the technology you see in Sean Connery’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (sorry, there was no other way).
Those interested in Steampunk often create their vision of Steampunk innovations with precision and utmost detail. People have even built cars, wearable items, as well as PCs, and laptops. The cultural phenomenon of Steampunk is growing bigger and bigger and just isn’t a niche category anymore. There’s a certain sense of a nostalgic character that it brings, yet still captivates its audience with the wide-eye of excitement and wonder. Visit the site you see below for more info on Steampunk.

Steampunk Workshop


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