squared for space

Japan is the king for saving space. Pick up a design mag and if there’s a feature on small space interior design, chances are it’s from Japan. Their design culture revolves around the idea of utilizing and maximizing the utility of an object with limited space. Whether it’s a redesign of a Murphy bed, a collapsible kitchen table, or the recent agricultural phenomenon of square watermelons, the Japanese have space saving figured out.

The idea of saving space is nothing new to Asians, but it’s a phenomena that is quickly becoming popular in mainstream US design culture. Pick up the latest issue of Wired and you’ll find an article about the innovative packaging of French Rabbit. The California based vineyard experimented and launched their wine using tetra-prisma packaging and has thus revolutionized the way wine is being distributed.

Well, now you too can grow your fruit and veggies into cubed proportions with your very own cube maker tool. Instructables has a short guide on growing square watermelons and I’m sure you could do the same on a pumpkin for some evil robot carvings come this October.

Grow A Square Watermelon


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