mix tape

The problem with today’s age of digital music is the lack (and loss) of true social interaction. I’m talking about the creation of a mix tape. Sure we do CDs, but it’s honestly not the same. It’s the passion you put into the track selection, the writing of the track names, and sometimes even what you were feeling when you picked that one amazing song. Digital just isn’t the same as the analog masterpiece of a mix tape, but thankfully some people out there put in the wrench time to create something we can all enjoy again…even in today’s digital world.Introducing the Mix Tape USB Stick, brought to you by the folks over at SUCK UK. The old school cassette opens up to reveal a USB flash drive. Nifty.



One comment

  1. mathatheist · June 20, 2008


    A sweet site. It’s got mix tapes that lovers have made for each other. Not only do they put their tapes up, they also write a bit about why and how and the memories of that time.

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