As of April 10th, you’ll be able to purchase Nike’s new SportBand. Using everything the Nike+ system offers, except without the iPod. Real runners don’t need music anyways, it screws up your breathing pattern, plus, it’s kind of bad to be shaking your iPod around. Did you know that? In fact it seems a little ballsy of Nike to stray away from the Apple partnership. Is a Nike Mp3 player in the works? It’s not up on the Nike+ site yet, but is should be soon. Check out the official press release here.



  1. tom · April 8, 2008

    Nike+ has changed my running. I was a watch stalker. When I was tired I would check my wrist and groan. The + allows me to relax in my run waiting for the sexy voice to come on and tell me how far I have left. This new wristband is cool as there are days when I just run with my iPod shoved in my pocket and not listening to anything. It just tracks my miles and my pace. I like that I can do both. This wristband is pretty darn cool and “maybe” the next step for me.

    BTW. I thought it was just the disc based iPods that were bad to run with, not the Nanos and shuffles which use Flash memory. Thought that was the main reason why the + system only works with Nanos.

  2. tom · April 10, 2008

    Pre-order now at the nike.com site.
    Ships on the 18th.
    I’m putting my order in.

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